Tuesday, 1 September 2015

I recorded a video: FizzBuzz To Chain of Responsibility to DSL using TDD in Java

Sorry for bad narration - I did very minor preparation to record this video. Also sorry for saying "dividable" instead of divisible.

This movie demonstrates implementation a variation of FizzBuzz kata without error checking, but with refactoring towards the Chain of Responsibility pattern. The first part is done using TDD and triangulation.


Wojtek Paszek said...

Nice example. What equivalent of nCrunch do you use with IntelliJ?

Grzegorz Gałęzowski said...

Wojtek, I used Inifinitest, although I am not entirely happy with it. It has more quirks than NCrunch and does not show coverage.

As I did not do any professional development in Java, I can just judge viability of Inifinitest for small projects where it works fine, e.g. I used it when developing auto fixture generator.